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    Beware of automated era of information security from the "dangerous driving"

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    , more "convenience " of automation technology is also beginning to emerge, the autopilot is one of them , but the security issue seems to follow. These security issues and how much is due to the data and information security problems caused by it? Let the experts in the field of information security network security with your Laguna Hills to find out.

    Allow hackers remote control smart cars become "dangerous goods"

    Automobiles are becoming more and more like computers on wheels , is there any way to stop a hacker to control your car? Recently, hackers demonstrated how they make their laptops via a high-speed car suddenly brakes, Meng hit the steering wheel , and even directly off the engine.

    In order to prove that the car is now becoming increasingly popular computer also " negligent may have hit " These hackers disclose their masterpiece. About 20-70 computers all over the current cars and trucks . They inline network control everything car from the brakes, throttle all the way to the window . Some hackers recently tried to invade the set of complex network systems , relying on a Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones and can control a car .

    For example , a hacker on the vehicle chassis by automobile maintenance personnel check the status of the interface with their laptop connection is used to achieve control of the car . Even more surprising is that another group of hackers control of the car's stereo Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones and only by car , and even tire pressure monitoring system.

    " New technologies on the car the more chance of being ill who use the more an information security experts even this way: ." Anything can contain computer chips are being invaded . "

    Built-in mini- car computer network has become a fertile ground for hackers

    Computer security consulting company has done such an experiment , their success through an interface to the vehicle maintenance worker checking the intrusion of a car using the 2010 Toyota Prius and 2010 Ford Escape computer system.

    "We can control the steering , braking, acceleration, and even specific to the seat belts , lights, horn , speedometer and fuel gauge , " said Guevara mosaic . They received the support of the federal government funds to explore expose the car computer vulnerabilities. However, two of our professional ability , still with the nine months to complete.

    In the same year, a hacker conference on them to make a report, including how a computer network intrusion car description . They said that was done to the car manufacturers are capable of causing enough attention to fix these problems. Manufacturers who did not give that interface to add any safety precautions .

    Ford just released a statement claiming that their security is doing very well , Miller and Wallachia mosaic may be in direct contact with the car was black inside. Toyota said they increased the security system, and continue to conduct research ahead of time to ensure hacking techniques. They were installed on a computer program that can identify aggressive and refused to execute the command .

    Yet . Security experts fear is : an ordinary thief will gradually be computerized , to remotely unlock the door , into the car through the test port and then the black car theft . Remotely unlock the doors so that thieves can also steal car kits, mobile phones and other items.

    More dangerous future popularity of smart cars

    Although the smart car security vulnerabilities , but the biggest problem is the real property involves aspects of security risks. Imagine coming autopilot is likely to become mainstream. However, once the autopilot system control and suffered a hacker attack , the consequences will be small series is not just the data you want to expound originally damaged so simple. Since the data so that future intelligent vehicle safety issues encountered dangerous driving , affecting humans is probably the most precious life.

    When integrated traffic safety and data security protection is the best way origin

    Although the car is controlled is a terrible thing that threatens the future of intelligent automation automobile traffic safety , but since it is a problem of information protection , data security , encryption protection as long as we can do the work of those core manipulation of data, like natural to car insurance , security, performance will be greatly improved. Encryption protection in order to meet possible future threats and diverse diverse security environment , using international advanced multi -mode encryption technology is the best choice .

    Multi-mode encryption using symmetric and asymmetric algorithms combining technology , while ensuring the quality of encryption , so greatly enhance the flexibility of encryption protection , which provides the possibility for future core intelligent vehicle control data is encrypted protection. The typical representative of this technology is used in the present Lai Shan waterproof wall series .

    Information age, information technology in all areas of life is an inevitable trend in depth , but because of data, information security problems and even loss of life and property caused more harm than good . To avoid this, the data source using a targeted and flexible encryption software is undoubtedly the safest way !