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    Qilu Securities auto and auto parts: birth of a world-class car prices

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    We believe that as China's economy , China 's auto industry is still in the growth stage , perhaps slowing the growth of aggregate demand , but the adjustment and upgrading of industrial structure within the industry and will bring huge capital investment opportunities. We firmly believe that China is sitting on the world's largest auto market, industry will be born several world class automotive and auto parts business. Short-cycle perspective, since 2013, China's auto demand continues to pick up the depth undertake recovery since the fourth quarter of 2012 , the beginning of our research findings is not short off-season has been confirmed that the next season will look forward to even more vigorously . Results of various car companies experienced a decline in 2012, the short-term return after re- growth, but with the previous rounds upward cycle is different, round upward cycles, each company clearly differentiated . Joint venture brands, attention, respect for the Chinese market , the depth of localization Ashkenazi car prices and U.S. car firms in the country continue to triumph ; Japanese giant restricted political factors and their product cycle is not yet able to fully recover.

    While the overall share of own brands in decline, but the Great Wall , BYD and other outstanding market performance car prices continued to eye-catching , a strong validation of the growth of China's car prices . Equity investments, we believe the next year of the Great Wall , Chang'an sales performance will continue to accumulate in the market to show its grasp market , product development and other aspects . Broad market space superimposed their product cycle hippocampus and other flexible mechanisms will enable the full potential car prices become a rising star . Meanwhile , with strong advantages in resources , such as FAW will catch up, to make up for the past few years behind.