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    Wuhan's first move to build auto parts plant core

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    Built six , built in a Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone, gathered seven large OEMs finally ushered in the auto parts factory located in the core . October 23 , Dongfeng Automobile Getrag Transmission Company Limited ( hereinafter referred to as "wind Getrag " ) was established and the foundation stone laying ceremony was held in the area , which is also the first to introduce Wuhan core auto parts project .

    Dongfeng powertrain building for substantive breakthrough

    October 22 last year , Dongfeng Motor Group Co., Ltd. and the German company Getrag International signed a joint venture agreement -cum- low torque dual clutch transmission (DCT) joint development agreement to jointly set up in the Chinese auto gearbox set research and development, manufacturing and sales functions as one of the Dongfeng automobile Getrag gearbox Limited.

    General Manager of Dongfeng Group Zhu Fushou at the scene said the groundbreaking ceremony , marking the establishment of the joint venture Dongfeng powertrain has been substantial building initiatives , but also brings together the world's wind resources , speed up its own powertrain , cultivating independent innovation capability is important initiatives .

    It is reported that the plant a total investment of 120 million euros , designed annual production capacity of 250,000 completed units gearbox . Expected to put into operation in the first quarter of 2016 , will eventually be built with an annual output of 100 million units gearbox scale.

    Padded short board to improve the industrial chain

    This is not a car for the core components Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone , Wuhan City, is even in terms of good news . Heavy vehicles , light components , which is almost the entire Chinese auto industry "common problem ."

    In 2011, China Automotive Engineering Research Institute released a report , engines , gasoline turbocharger and other core components , is monopolized almost all international brands.

    Currently, there are more than 200 Wuhan Development Zone auto parts companies , ranking the world's top 20 automotive parts suppliers , half of the investment in the development zone in Wuhan , but almost no cars on the core components of the figure . This project to break this vicious circle , but also further improve the automobile industry chain.

    The ceremony , Wuhan Municipal Committee, secretary of Wuhan Work Zone Zhu Yi said that Dongfeng Getrag is to cultivate first-class capability of independent innovation important initiatives will further enhance the development and production capabilities in the area of the core components of the car , there are help accelerate the implementation of the industrial zone doubling plan .

    Wuhan City, according to recently published " key industrial chain Wuhan build project planning" , made ??it clear that in the next three years will focus on to build auto parts chain represented by ten , to 2016 the output value will exceed 200 billion auto parts .