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    In 2012 the output value of China's auto parts remanufacturing 8 billion yuan
    China Association of Automobile Manufacturers of auto parts remanufacturing Branch Secretary Xie Jianjun said recently , in 2012
    Auto parts are easy to wear and tear warranty
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    2019-04-10 11:44
    Jiangxi, a Predator - Law Firm Lawyer: "Domestic Car Repair, replacement, return the liability" Article 18: Household automotive products consumable parts product quality problems in its warranty period
    Automobile and auto parts Weekly: continue to focus on investment opportunities in the country 4
    Last week automobile sector fell 0.80 percent , auto parts sector fell 1.35 percent , the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index fell 1.72 percent , automobile outperform 0.92 percent, auto parts outperform 0.37 percentage points.
    Owners must read: car replacement parts maintenance cycle analysis
    Many car owners know nothing about but then maintenance after buying a new car , when there is a problem of the vehicle , only to find the sky Luanhan price
    Last year the output value of China's auto parts remanufacturing of 8000000000
    Haikou network news is reported on October 24 , 2012 , China's auto parts remanufacturing industry output value reached 80 billion yuan
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